Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank ya Teleteria!

Being a construction guy who travels globally, my wife needed something to keep her busy. We don't have kids and her parents are healthy (Thank God!!!!). So we looked around and found that she could run an adult-turn key site from anywhere in the world! What a concept!

We found Teleteria and decided to give Jay Servidio a call. Jay Servidio shared Teleteria's history and his background. Man, he's 2nd only to Hugh Hefner! he showed me and the wife our way around and wow is it amazing at the number of options we have open to us.

Jay Servidio helped us with the name and all that stuff that goes with it. He's been there to answer our questions and so has the Teleteria staff. Now days, the money is not as easy to come buy except in this adult business. Honestly, I knew there was a big market for adult content but man! The amount of money I've made is stunning. We've purchased a lakeside cabin, a speed boat and two water skis.

We're happy with what we've done with Teleteria. Yeah, is worth visiting and looking into - we're more than pleased with what we've been able to do. Jay Servidio knows his stuff and now, so do we!